We are coming home, and the #KingdomWorkers that are getting off of buses from Bible and Beach are never going to be the same. They know God loves them, like a crazy-ridiculous kind of love. They have seen fellow students night after night being rescued and freed from junk that used to drag them down, crying out S.O.S. They are united as one church, an army of God that is ready to awaken generation after generation for Jesus. They undoubtedly are changed, and will never be the same. And now, they are sent. 

 They are sent back to their homes, back to their schools, back to their communities, back to a world that needs to hear what they all just heard – God loves them. God can rescue them. We are all united as one church. God will change you.

Parents, friends, loved ones, and all others, when these students come home don’t ask them how the food was, don’t ask them how much fun they had or how the hotel was. Instead, ask them one simple thing – How did God change you?

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